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Who are we?

Vita Deal is a center for all the reliable details related to health & beauty, provided by specialists to let you choose the most suitable product for you from a variety of nutritional supplements & skin products.

We at Vita Deal know that each person has a different skin & body type, and what suits their different needs, therefore, we provide accurate medical advice first, then the correct product to cover the case, since we believe that you own the right to pick the most fulfilling product that works it's magic on your specific case after reaching out experience and knowledge from our specialized medical team.

Starting from Jordan, was the beginning of Vita Deal, expanding with an ambitious vision to cover all the region's needs for reliable medical information and a wide range of high-quality products.

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At Vita Deal, we offer a wide range of health & beauty products, including supplements and skin-caring products, combined with reliable knowledge and accurate information provided by our specialized medical team  to be a part of enhancing Arabian scientific content, while letting the knowledge reach anyone who needs it. 


We strive to let our products reach the person who truly needs them, after gaining sufficient knowledge and choosing the most appropriate for their needs.
Our first aim is to fully gain your trust while meeting your requirements.