Balance Cleansing Foam with Aloe Vera 150 ml

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Cleanses the face of skin impurities including dead cells, traces of make-up; Cleansing foam with Aloe Vera regulates the skin pH level and excess oil.

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Balance Cleansing Foam with Aloe Vera:

Firstly, the foaming facial cleanser deeply cleanses the skin to make it free of impurities, dead cells, particles of makeup, and pollution. Additionally, the Cleansing Foam with Aloe Vera not only regulates the pH of the skin but also reduces excessive oil production due to its formulation with Biosulfur.

In addition, it is enhanced with Chamomile extract, Aloe Vera and Vegetable Glycerin that soothes the skin and keep it moisturized and soft all day long.

The perfect combination of Balance cleansing foam with Aloe Vera

Biosulphur inhibits the enzyme responsible for excessive oil secretion, acting directly on the source of sebum generation by normalizing its regulation; Chamomile and Aloe Vera soothe the skin by restoring its pH level, while Plant Glycerin maintains optimal skin hydration and softness.


Aloe Vera Cleansing foam from PFC cosmetics
Deep and gentle Aloe Vera face cleanser

Loving Ingredient


It has many benefits for facial skin, especially oily skin, as it can convert cystine into cysteine ​​and inhibit the formation of reductase, the enzyme responsible for acne. This active ingredient also inhibits free radicals, which are directly involved in the formation of wrinkles.

Aloe Vera

This soothing and anti-inflammatory active ingredient helps eliminate oxygen free radicals. Additionally, it fights cellulite and diffuses stains. Furthermore, it helps regenerate the skin and has a soothing effect, especially in the case of sunburn.

1.5%  Vegetable Glycerin

It has moisturizing and skin protective properties. Therefore, it helps maintain hydration of the epidermis and mitigate dermatological problems such as acne or dermatitis.

1% Chamomile

It has the ability to calm the skin and restore its pH, stabilizing and reducing its sensitivity. It helps cleanse the skin deeply, it also has antibacterial properties, it is also used to revitalize the skin and protect it from free radicals.


How to Use

Apply every day, morning and evening, to a damp face, rotate lightly and rinse off.

PFC Cosmetics Cleansing Foam with Aloe vera.
Cleansing and moisturizing!

For skin types

Oily skin
Combination skin


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