Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream | Repairing Cream

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Bariederm Hand Cream is an advanced barrier formula that effectively soothes, softens, and nourishes severely dry hands exposed to daily aggressors

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Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream |Insulating Repairing Hand Cream | 50 ml Tube

Bariederm Hand Cream is an advanced barrier formula that effectively soothes, softens, and nourishes severely dry hands exposed to daily aggressors and chemicals. Designed for robust protection, it absorbs quickly, leaving no sticky residue and providing water resistance upon application.


Advanced Barrier Protection:

Bariederm Hand Cream acts as a protective barrier, isolating the skin surface with a dual-polymer combination. This barrier not only shields against current aggressions but also helps prevent future damage, making it ideal for hands exposed to harsh environments.

Purifying Action with Manuka Honey:

Infused with Manuka honey, known for its antibacterial properties, the cream purifies the skin and reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation. This feature is crucial for maintaining skin health, especially for hands regularly exposed to contaminants.

Soothing and Hydrating:

Enriched with Uriage Thermal Water, the cream soothes and hydrates the skin’s epidermis, providing essential minerals and nutrients to restore comfort and resilience to dry, irritated hands.

Key Ingredients for Enhanced Efficacy of Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream | Repairing Cream

  • Uriage Thermal Water: Renowned for its calming and hydrating benefits, it supports the skin’s natural barrier function and enhances overall skin health.
  • Poly-2P Patented Complex: Creates a durable protective layer on the skin’s surface, preventing moisture loss and reinforcing the barrier against external aggressors.
  • Phytosqualanes and Glycerin: These moisturizing agents deeply hydrate and soften the skin, improving suppleness and comfort.
  • Manuka Honey: Offers antibacterial properties to cleanse and purify the skin, promoting a healthier hand environment.
  • Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free: Suitable for sensitive skin types, the formula minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and ensures comfort during application.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply Bariéderm Hand Cream generously to clean, and dry hands as needed throughout the day, focusing on areas prone to dryness and irritation.
  • Massage gently until fully absorbed, allowing the cream to create a protective barrier against external elements.


Bariederm Hand Cream is your essential companion for maintaining healthy, nourished hands amidst daily challenges.

Its advanced formulation not only soothes and hydrates but also protects against future damage, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking effective hand care in demanding environments.

Experience the comfort and resilience of your hands with Bariéderm, ensuring they stay soft, protected, and healthy day after day.

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