Genacol Collagen | 90 Capsules

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the enduring relief and joint health benefits of Genacol, the pioneer product that has been trusted by consumers worldwide for over 20 years!



Genacol Collagen 90 Capsules

Genacol® Original Formula Capsules will give you the enduring relief and joint health benefits of Genacol, the pioneer product that has been trusted by consumers worldwide for over 20 years. Formulated with AminoLock® Collagen, a patented technology, these capsules are designed to support cartilage health and alleviate joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Key Benefits of Genacol Collagen

Genacol® Original Formula Capsules offer a range of benefits essential for maintaining joint health:

1. Reduces Joint Pain: Joint pain, often a result of osteoarthritis, can significantly impact daily life. AminoLock® Collagen, the active ingredient in Genacol®, has been clinically proven in three independent studies to reduce joint pain and improve mobility. By supporting cartilage health, these capsules help alleviate discomfort and stiffness in the joints.

2. Supports Joint Structure: Cartilage, tendons, and ligaments are primarily composed of collagen, making it crucial for maintaining their structural integrity. AminoLock® Collagen provides the body with essential amino acids necessary for collagen synthesis. This supports the maintenance of joint tissues, promoting flexibility and overall joint function.

Scientific Validation:

The effectiveness of this collagen product is backed by rigorous scientific research. Three independent clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of AminoLock® Collagen in reducing joint pain and supporting joint health. This unique formulation targets the root causes of joint discomfort, offering a reliable solution for those seeking relief.

Key Ingredients in Genacol Collagen

Each dose (3 capsules) contains:

  • Medicinal Ingredient: AminoLock® Collagen (bovine source) – 1200 mg
  • Non-medicinal Ingredients: Gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate.

How to Use:

To experience optimal results, take 3 capsules of Genacol® Original Formula once daily. These can be taken in the morning or evening, according to your preference and routine.

About AminoLock® Collagen:

AminoLock® Collagen is an innovative form of collagen derived from bovine sources. It provides the body with all the necessary amino acids required for collagen production. As a result, it supports the maintenance of healthy cartilage and helps reduce the deterioration that contributes to joint pain and stiffness.

Why Choose Genacol® Original Formula?

These Collagen Capsules stand out for their longstanding reputation and unique formulation featuring AminoLock® Collagen. Manufactured under stringent quality controls, these capsules offer a safe and effective solution for individuals looking to improve joint comfort and mobility.

In conclusion, Genacol Collagen Original Formula Capsules are a trusted choice for anyone seeking relief from joint pain and support for long-term joint health. With over two decades of proven efficacy and the support of clinical studies, these capsules provide a reliable solution for maintaining joint mobility and reducing discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.


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